Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What I learned today at Sprouts

When I was looking at pineapples this afternoon at Sprouts (I've never heard of them before we came to Dallas. It's so cheap!), the man who was organizing/putting up fruits and veggies started talking to me. I always thought that you chose a pineapple by it's color, smell, and how easily the leaves come out. This is true, but he told me that when you get your pineapple (I wanted one ready in a few days, so I got a green one) take it home and put it upside down on your kitchen counter. Apparently all of the sugar is at the bottom of a pineapple, and to get it all sweet, you need to put it upside down while you're waiting to eat it.

I also bought cluster tomatoes. He said that when you buy them, make sure you get a cluster that has a green stem because that indicates that there is still water in it, feeding the tomatoes. Also, don't ever put tomatoes in the refrigerator. Apparently it makes them lose their flavor. I never eat tomatoes, so this is all news to me.

How to pick grapefruit - firm, not soft.

You may have known all of this, but I'm new at all this, so it's pretty interesting!

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  1. I learned something new about pineapples today. Thanks for sharing! Guess Who?