Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Best Cereal Ever

About a year ago, I was introduced to Mom's Best cereal. Delicious. And healthy. Well, healthier than all those other cereals. It is regular priced at $2.29 at Kroger, but about 2 weeks out of each month it is $1.99. There is usually a $0.75 coupon which you can print twice per computer on the website. That makes it $1.25 a box for delicious cereal. That's pretty exciting for me because I'm not a huge cereal person. Below are my favorites. (They only have four kinds at the Kroger in Bryan - Toasted Wheatfuls, Oats and Honey Blend, Mallow Oats, and Honey Nut Toasty O's, but they have a much bigger selection in bigger cities.)

This one is the best. Hands down. So much better than Golden Grahams. They had this in Dallas (Richardson) when we lived there last summer.

This one is my favorite of the ones available at Kroger.

If you are a fan of Lucky Charms, this one tastes just like it.. yum. I want to try the raisin bran one, and honey-ful wheat, but they don't have those here. I have tried the toasted cinnamon squares, but I like cinnamon toast crunch better than that one. They also sell oats. Go print a coupon and try some! (It's in the organic section, with the Kashi cereals.)

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