Sunday, August 15, 2010

Weekly Menu Board

Every Saturday morning I come with a meal plan for the week. I used to write them on a dry erase board that I used for college, but last night I made the one above (I can't seem to get a clear picture with my camera, sorry). I have to write down all of the meals for the week or I won't remember what I bought food for... It was really easy and cost me about $8. All you need is a frame (I got this 8" x 10" at Ross for $6.99), a sheet of scrapbook paper, a sheet of vellum, and a paper cutter (or scissors if you can cut straight - maybe draw a line with a ruler then cut). Make a word document in your favorite font (I used Pea c-squared) that has each day written like above. You can then write on the outside of the frame with a dry erase marker. So easy and much more attractive than a plain ole' dry erase board.

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